Elevator technology advances rapidly. As an elevator ages, its components wear out, become obsolete or don’t keep up with the advances in elevator technology.

Modernization can improve the overall safety, performance and reliability of your elevator equipment, as well as increase the value of your building. An elevator is often a visitor’s first impression of your building. Long wait times and outdated-looking equipment create a negative first impression.

All equipment installed by Next Level is non-proprietary. What does this mean? It means that it can be serviced by any elevator company, without the need for special tools or proprietary and very expensive software programs. For building owners, non-proprietary equipment provides them with an array of service providers, and a more reliable and cost-effective choice.

From single hydraulic elevator modernizations to large banks of geared and gearless traction equipment, Next Level Elevator has the experience and expertise to transform your elevators, and provide the building owner with a product that matches the investment in value and beauty.

Coupled with our standard maintenance agreement, our modernizations can provide warranties on the equipment installed for up to 20 years. Please contact an account representative for further information.


Next Level Modernization

  • Full modernization of elevator system
  • Newly installed Smartrise controller
  • Car top cleaned and painted
  • New GAL MOVFR operator
  • New cab interior with cherry veneer
  • Vandal-resistant fixtures inside and out

Next Level Elevator are true industry professionals. If you are looking for an elevator company that can deliver and at the same time have great pricing, Next Level Elevator is the company. Next Level Elevator has professional technicians and are very reliable. We have been very satisfied with Next Level Elevator. We definitely recommend them. 

Rosie R. | Tustin, CA